The key feature of the CORDON is its ability to simultaneously monitor the speed of either oncoming or outgoing vehicles in up to four (4) lanes of contiguous traffic using one single speed sensor.

Principles of operation

The CORDON speed sensor can be mounted at height of 5-8 meters on any fixed roadside object, such as permanent overhead signage or temporary object, such as a signage trailer positioned on the shoulder (for example, in a construction zone). The Cordon’s small footprint makes it inconspicuous and as such, highly effective.

The sensor automatically measures vehicle speeds in control area and creates a pair of high resolution images for each violation:

  • Wide-angle image of multiple targets in the traffic flow situation, with the violator(s) clearly identified;
  • A close-up image of each violator with a clearly visible license plate.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced radar simultaneously measures speeds and positions of all oncoming and outgoing targets in control area. It provides a strict correspondence between measured speed and the vehicle marked on multi-target image.
  • Speed sensor provides a control area including up to 4 traffic lanes.
  • Can track and measure up to 32 simultaneous targets
  • Automatic detection of reserved bus (or taxi) lane violations with advanced license plate recognition system
  • Automatic detection of driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • Automatic saving of violation data on SD memory card installed in speed sensor.
  • Night time operation using integrated IR spotlights.
  • On-board GPS/GLONASS navigation unit downloads the GPS/GLONASS coordinates to the violation record.
  • Data encryption and protection of software and output file prevents tampering with data and compromising of evidence.
  • User-friendly touch-screen display for easy initial setup and deployment of the unit.
  • Option to continuously stream captured traffic violation data to a centralized database using wired or wireless communication channels (VPN channel over 3G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi). This minimizes back office processing effort and eliminates the possibility of lost or damaged physical media.
  • Optional wireless diagnostic channel for remote servicing of speed sensor.

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